The Sugar Wand was first created in November 2016 . Initially, it was used solely as a unique favor to thank guests at a birthday party, but they quickly became the conversation piece!
In December 2016,  the popularity of the Sugar Wand was tested by offering them at events of relatives and friends. With nothing but positive feedback,  the Sugar Wand began to gain notoriety, simply by word of mouth! Increased demands and custom requests by clients expanded the product line beyond the Sugar Wand. The idea of a candy company quickly set in and a vision was brought to life by two friends who have creatively transformed the idea of the “traditional party favor." 
Kandy Koated Confections was launched on February 4th 2017; the first of it’s kind in Bermuda! Each product offers a unique & innovative design created by hand. Since it’s opening, Kandy Koated has pushed the envelope to offer a special experience to it’s clients, expanding it’s product offerings and services. Popular items include imitation-of-life pieces such as the Kandy Sushi Platter and the Rose Bouquet.  In such a short time, it has been the sweetest journey! 
Kandy Koated is committed to offering a unique experience to clients that will leave their taste buds wanting more & moods happier than before!
Products Include: 
  • Sugar Wands
  • Sugar Lollis
  • Kandy Sushi
  • Personalized Marshmallow Pops
  • Candyfetti
  • Rock Candy
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • Kandy Bouquets
  • Kandy Centerpieces
  • Kandy Bar Table
If you’re a returning customer, thank you for your continued support! If you’re a new customer, Welcome!